HamExam.com Review


I was compulsive in my decision to get my ham license and decided on Sunday night the 24th of September of 2006 and sat for my Technician license on the 30th of September of 2006.  I could not have passed the test if not for the software from HamExam.com.  I highly recommend it to anyone working on their licenses.


The software isn't perfect and was missing a few features that I would have expected.  As you work on practice sessions the database does not keep track of the questions that require rework and review, so I was somewhat annoyed to see questions that I already demonstrated I knew the answers to.  I may have missed something but there is a feature to mark questions for review in each session, but no apparent way to look at all marked questions outside of the session.  It would be nice to be able to construct a test session of marked questions.  Finally, it would be real nice to have a link to the document or paragraph on an official site with more detail on a question.  I found myself having to dig all around the FCC and ARRL sites to find backup material to questions.


The negatives above are very minor.  At the end of the day the HamExam program designs sessions from the official test banks and scores your ability to answer the questions.  It clearly points out which questions categories the student needs to study.


Link to HamExam.com 


I give HamExam 4 of 5 points.


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