This is a great antenna made of quality materials and superb workmanship.  It is tuned perfectly and is quite sensitive as far as 3 and 7 element Yagi's are concerned.  It does take about two or four minutes to assemble as they say in the instruction manual.


Arrow made this antenna as light as possible and yet durable.  They actually made it from arrow shafts for archery.  That being said this antenna can get heavy when handheld for long periods of time.  The only way around this issue is to use a tripod or spend more time in the weight room.  The base of the antenna does have a tripod mount.


I prefer to use two radios (one for RX and one for TX) so I have not purchased the pricey splitter and can not comment on the splitter.


To keep my antenna safe while in storage I have assembled a storage tube out of PVC drain pipe with a cap on one end and srcew on plug on the other.  I use 4" diameter pipe cut to 23" in length.  This gives me plenty of room to store the antenna with instructions and cables.


I rate this antenna 5 of 5 total points.  Very pleased!


Updated on 02/25/2007 07:05:46 PM