QRG - Your frequency is
QRH - Your Frequency varies
QRI - The tone of your transmission
QRK - The intelligibility is
QRL - I am busy
QRM - I'm being interfered with (My kids are making a lot of noise in the background)
QRN - I'm troubled with static
QRO - Increase TX power
QRP - Decrease TX power (Operating at or below 5 watts TX output)
QRQ - Send faster
QRS - Send more slowly
QRT - Stop sending (I am shutting down and not available)
QRU - I've nothing for you
QRV - I am ready
QRW - Call ... on ... ? 
QRX  - I'll call again at ..hrs
QRZ - You're being called by:
QSA - Your signal strength is:
QSB - Your signals are fading
QSD - Keying is defective
QSG - Send ... msgs _ at a time? 
QSK - I can hear you, Break in
QSL - I am acknowledging receipt
QSM - Repeat last message
QSO - I can communicate with
QSP - I will relay to:
QSV - Send a series of V's
QSW - Send on this frequency
QSX - Listen for ... on ...
QSY - Change frequency to ... (I am changing frequency to ...)
QSY - Change frequency
QSZ - Repeat each word/group
QTA - Cancel message number
QTB - Agree with word count
QTC - I have ... telegrams for you
QTH - My location is:
QTR - What is the correct time
QTX - Wait for further comms
QUA - Have you news of ...




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