Below is a list of my favorite personal pet peeves...

  1. Never missing a mortgage payment and having my taxes pay for those who didn't keep their promise to the bank.  Especially, I detest paying taxes to help people who defaulted on their mortgage WHO LIED ON THE MORTGAGE APPLICATION!

  2. Illegal immigrants consuming our emergency room resources, our law enforcement recourses and our prison capacity = my tax dollars consumed on people that should not be here to begin with!  Get out of my country and don't let the door hit you on the way out!

  3. Why do we need national health care when we have it already!  Anyone going to an emergency must be treated regardless of ability to pay.  We already have Medicare and Medicaid and VA hospitals.

  4. Why don't the bottom 80% of income earners pay taxes net of their annual return?  Everyone should have a stake in this country!

  5. Velcro on deer hunting jackets!  How many deer are going to be standing around when you rip your pocket open to grab your binoculars!

  6. Zipper pockets on jackets and pants that zip downward to close.  Zippers on pockets should always close upward so that you are increasing the gravitational volume of the compartment as you close it.

  7. Segments tied together or paired on LCD analog meters.  The marketing people do this to make it look like you are buying more accuracy than what you are actually buying and they save manufacturing costs.  Big rip off!

  8. Every manufacturer of alkaline batteries claims to make the most powerful battery.  B.S!  On a strip chart recorder I discharge tested every AA alkaline battery on the market and they all had identical discharge curves.  Yes!  All were identical, even the copper top that boasted "Ultra" power had no more power as measured in ampere hours.  Even the non name batteries were identical to the big name brands.  The only potential difference I did not test for was shelf life.

  9. My wife and I have 5 kids together = 7 total people.  The big family tax...

  10. Why is it that when people go to their workout place they park as close to the building as possible?

  11. Why is it that little old ladies feel like they can butt into the front of the line without saying "excuse me"?  Any decent citizen would tell them to "go ahead" if they started at the back of the line giving the same result with a better spin.

  12. Why is it really bad business practice to have only a few very big customers (concentration) and it is really bad to have more than one employer (multiple incomes = lack of loyalty)?  It's the same thing in terms of risk!!!

  13. It drives me nuts when I order a hamberger at a restaurant and mention that "I would like mustard when my berger arrives" only to find they did not bring me any mustard, walked off and started waiting on other tables.  By the time I can flag down the witress my berger is room temperature.

  14. Ever notice that every deer hunter says "you need to have your gun unloaded at 4:30" when there is nothing in our state statutes that state that your must have your gun unloaded at the end of the day?  The state statutes state "you must cease hunting" at the given time in the table (4:30).  I agree that it is very good gun safety practice to unload your gun at the end of the day, but there is no law stating that you have to!!!

Updated on 12/10/2015 09:47:49 PM